October 2016's Roaster of the Month: Settlement Blend


For October’s secret roast, we decided to select a unique roaster located in the heart of Waterloo, Ontario after being tipped off by one of our coffee connoisseurs traveling through the area.

The owner of the Settlement Co., a serial entrepreneur turned coffee freak, displayed such a passion for all things craft. The roaster, on a relative scale, is new to the coffee scene, however, as you may have already noticed; his coffee has been meticulously produced showing the incredible talent of this young micro roaster. Settlement Co.’s owner has also explored the world of craft beer and has an award winning craft brewery (“Abe Erb”) filling the gourmand hub space for the yearning palettes of many residents in the Waterloo area. Settlement Co’s mission just worked with what we were looking for:

 “Our approach to coffee is one of passion. Our hard work and dedication to roasting is in respect to the farmers who work year round to produce the coffees that are enjoyed around the world every day.”

In our search, we thought one particular roast stuck out due to some stunning tasting notes. The secret roast, the “Philosopher”, embodies notes of floral, citrus, stone fruit and a balanced cocoa nib finish. The beans used are of the “bourbon” varietal and were sourced from small farms in both Brazil and Colombia.

For more information on the roaster please see their detailed story below:


Location: Waterloo, ON

Adam Frye