June 2018's Roaster of the Month: Brulerie Balance


It is our pleasure to introduce June’s secret roaster roasting out of Verdun, Quebec. This relatively new roaster to the rapidly developing coffee scene in greater Montreal area is making a large impact with its pure approach to roasting.

This new roaster has already established itself as a top-flight roaster in the eclectic Quebec coffee scene, however, its success has not been had without continuous dedication to learning in an effort to pursue the craft. Simplicity is a foundational pillar for the team in its philosophy and approach, yet their roasts continue to produce a complex exhibition of the masterful skill embodied in all of Balance’s products.

Brûlerie Balance served up a phenomenal single origin from Brazil this month with varietals of Bourbon and Mundo Novo. The flamboyant tasting notes excited our palettes through a journey commencing with milk chocolate, hazelnuts, peanut butter, and caramel.

Secret Sip Coffee Club is thrilled to have partnered with Brûlerie Balance Coffee Roaster to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Brûlerie Balance, check out their Instagram below:


Location: Verdun, QC

Adam Frye