August 2018's Roaster of the Month: Chronicle


Karl (Chronicle's Owner) and his wildly talented team have blinded the team at Secret Sip Coffee Club with not only their incredible coffee, but stellar service and incredible passion for all things coffee! We could not be happier to unveil our August Secret Roaster! Making some serious noise out of Rocky View County, Alberta, Chronicle Specialty Coffee Roasters!

Chronicle roasts in small batches which allows for unparalleled attention to the details of each customer’s order and amazing quality control. This small volume creates an opportunity to meticulously monitor coffee selection and roasting. Prior to roasting, the team at Chronicle comb each batch to ensure that any defective beans are removed; ensuring clean, discernible flavours in every cup. To simplify it, Chronicle essentially customizes every small batch during the roasting process. Many of the larger roasters simply lack the ability to tightly control all variables during the roast to the same degree.

“We don’t believe in large-scale roasting, that is why we are a small batch roaster. We feel at Chronicle large-scale roasting doesn’t fit in with our benchmark of quality through workmanship.”

As an elite coffee roaster, Chronicle understands the needs of a quality bean. But this is not always the case if the bean isn’t roasted to perfection. That’s why the team at Chronicle view’s the roasting process as important as sourcing a premium bean. Chronicle roasts on two custom-built 25kg and 2.5kg Diedrich roasters to take their level of quality to a new level, one pound at a time!

Chronicle Coffee Roasters also strongly believe in giving back to the environment that gave us coffee. Through creating personal relationships with farmers throughout the world, Chronicle ensures ethical sourcing is at the core of all their Fairtrade and Organic offerings, while simultaneously ensuring that the roaster gives back to those in need.

This month’s offering was Chronicles new take on a traditional Italian espresso. Chronicle ’s beautifully crafted “Crema Italiana” is a rich, viscous and creamy nectar, that is comprised of five different bean varietals and exhibits notes of dark chocolate and cinnamon.

Secret Sip Coffee Club is thrilled to have partnered with Chronicle to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Chronicle Coffee Roasters, check out their killer site below


Location: Calgary, AB

Adam Frye