June 2019's Roaster of the Month: Engine House Coffee

Engine House Coffee.png

Secret Sip Coffee Club is thrilled to unveil our June roasting partner, a rocking small batch roastery making some noise out of the Ottawa valley stemming from a passion rooted in formal barista training at a young age. This passion and technical know-how evolved into what the Eganville, Ontario residents are so fond of, Engine House Coffee.

Engine House Coffee launched in 2011 in Eganville, Ontario by founder Daniel Scorzriello. With a love for coffee and having worked as a barista from a young age, Dan opened Engine House Coffee out of his home. With an Italian background, Dan's knowledge and passion for coffee continued to grow. It didn't take long before Engine House Coffee was featured on a CBC comedy show called "Still Standing" with Jonny Harris. The show fueled the popularity of Engine House and was the catalyst for some of the more uniquely named blends, such as the "Still Standing" blend. Early on, this family-owned business got its start showcasing its products at regional farmers markets. Dan has personally travelled to South America to source first hand the micro-lots he roasts. While in South America, the team at large learned the intricacies of the cultivation process and created indelible bonds with the farmers they still maintain today. All of their coffees are fair trade certified and organic.

This month’s offering to our club members was the Midnight Express espresso blend which brought together Colombian and Brazilian beans to form a fruit forward, chocolate and nut flavor profile, with a traditional yet refined Italian espresso structure. The mouth feel was a silky smooth with a viscous crema and nutty nose.

Secret Sip Coffee Club is so pleased to have partnered with Engine House Coffee to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Engine House Coffee, check out their website below:


Location: Eganville, Ontario

Adam Frye