May 2019's Roaster of the Month: Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Rooftop Roasters.png

Secret Sip Coffee Club is so pleased to present our May roasting partner, a small batch industry leader roasting out of the foothills of the beautiful Fernie. BC mountains. Rooftop Coffee Roasters are a family owned roastery which began in 2015 with a 16-year-old young man roasting as a hobby from the rooftop of the family’s home. A year later the team took the leap, acquired a commercial drum roaster and haven’t looked back. Though they are no longer on the rooftop, they are just as excited every time they open a fresh bag of green coffee. Every day the group at Rooftop strive to produce the most delicious, approachable cup of coffee, with an incredible orientation towards vertical integration in the coffee industry.

Experts of their Craft:

All of this month’s roasters were educated and trained in coffee roasting, coffee tasting and coffee buying at the International Barista and Coffee Academy in Tempe, AZ. At IBCA, Rooftops’ roasters received the following Specialty Coffee Association diplomas including Foundations of Coffee; Coffee Roasting Level 1 and 2; Coffee Tasting/Sensory Level 1 and 2; and Green Coffee Buying Level 1 and 2.


Giving Back:

The team at Rooftop constantly aim to give back to the regions and countries their coffees come from. They are passionate about forming relationships and seek to work with people effecting positive changes in their communities. That's why Rooftop donates $1.00 of every pound of their Peruvian beans to CIMA, Centro de Integración de Menores en Abandono, a centre for abandoned boys near Lima, Peru. Their donations go directly to the home, and are used wherever needed. The funds have gone towards large projects such as renovating the kitchen or building a chicken coup, as well as smaller, everyday expenses like books, food, or medicine. 


This month’s Offering:

 This month’s secret was a splendid single origin from the region of Quindio in the municipality Pijao of Colombia. The bean varietals include Tabi, Caturra, Castillo, Bourbon, all grown at an elevation of 1900-2000masl. This coffee come to us from a cooperative of 19 women and exhibits luscious caramel and butterscotch notes with a velvety body, and a hint of toasted coconut. 

The group of women farmers approached the Coffee Federation in Colombia and received funding to grow and expand the farm. Since then, a café was started in Pijao entirely run by women. It is very dear to our hearts for a few reasons but mostly because it shows the power of the complete vertical integration. The owners of the roastery have travelled in South America and always deplored how they serve Nescafé and export their best coffees, losing the opportunity to make a return on the tourism industry through retail. This is a farm we will be working with for years to come. We also will have the Pijao in our single serving Steeped packets launching in a month. 

 Secret Sip Coffee Club is so pleased to have partnered with Rooftop Coffee Rosters to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Rooftop Coffee Rosters, check out their website below:


Location: Fernie, British Columbia

Adam Frye