April 2018's Roaster of the Month: Typface


We are in love! Secret Sip Coffee Club is so pleased to present our April roasting partner roasting out of Calgary, Alberta. Everything from their website to the end product from this team is world class.  Typeface Coffee Roasters is an absolute must for anyone traveling through Calgary, Alberta and has left an indelible mark in our quest for caffeinated perfection.

Typeface Coffee Roasters is a small batch specialty coffee roaster and is all about telling a story! Just like every individual has a unique history, origin which is coloured by their unique experiences, every coffee has a unique history and background.  It’s this dedication to specialty coffee that drives Typeface Coffee Roasters to ensure that every coffee roasted is highlighted to bring that experience and story to life.  The team at Typeface grade all their sourced coffee from industry experts to ensure they are getting the best quality beans, while at the same time, ensuring the story behind the beans is told to every customer.

Since its establishment in 2015, Typeface Coffee Roasters has endeavoured to grow as a micro specialty coffee roaster in the shadows of Rockies. This year they purchased a rocking Giesen W6A coffee roaster and we are ecstatic to present to all our members their very first espresso blend using this new roasting beast!

The unique secret roast for the month of April from Typeface Coffee Roasters is called “Punchcutter” – it is a delectable espresso blend from Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The coffee is grown at 6,237 ft above sea level and is a blend of Bourbon, Catuai, Pache, and Caturra varietals.  There can be no better descriptor for the Punchcutter espresso tasting notes than the delightful and in your face buttery body with its bright chocolate and silky smooth stone fruit notes that are found throughout the profile.

Secret Sip Coffee Club is so pleased to have partnered with Typeface Coffee Roasters to bring you this month's secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Typeface Coffee Roasters, check out their fantastic website below:


Location: Calgary, AB

Adam Frye