February 2017's Roaster of the Month: Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee Final.png


Secret Sip Coffee Club takes great pleasure in introducing February’s secret roaster operating out of Canmore, Alberta. This Rocky Mountain town might seem like an unlikely place to find an elaborate third wave roaster, however, after stumbling upon the team via a referral from a friend in the area, we were pleasantly surprised.

Greeted by a British accent from the owner of RAVE Coffee company, we were intrigued at the roaster's story. Rave is the brainchild of Vikki and Rob Hodge, who left England for Sydney in 2009 and returned two years later to open an Aussie-inspired roastery and cafe in Cirencester, a market town about 90 miles Northwest of London. The Rave concept, it seems, is to bring an elevated Australian coffee experience to unlikely places. It’s been working in Cirencester, and now the Hodges’ nephew, Dean Smolicz, has forever transformed the coffee scene in the Canmore area. Having moved from the UK to Canada several years ago, the owners of RAVE have brought with them a unique artisan craft which is embodied in this month’s secret roast.

RAVE’s Signature Espresso Blend provides a sweet and well-balanced mouth feel with hints of nuts and chocolate and subtle notes of citrus as the brew cools. The specific bean origins for this month’s secret roast are Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, and Ethiopia.

Secret Sip Coffee Club is proud to have partnered with RAVE to bring you this month's secret roast. To learn more about RAVE coffee, check out their website below:


Location: Canmore, AB

Adam Frye