November 2018's Roaster of the Month: Red Lantern


The science behind roasting is what defined our recent secret roast! Former chemical engineer Craig Marentette turned coffee roaster meticulously crafted one of the most delicious secret roasts to date.  Secret Sip Coffee Club is pumped to unveil our choice for November’s Secret Roaster! Absolutely rocking it out of Canada’s southern most point - Red Lantern Coffee Co from Kingsville, Onatrio.

Red Lantern Coffee Co. started in 2016 with owner Craig’s desire to combine a passion for coffee with a chemical engineering degree. Red Lantern’s aim is to produce quality, delicious and freshly roasted coffee while minimizing our environmental impact through the use of compostable bags and takeout cups. With cycling as their second passion, the name Red Lantern comes from the Tour de France’s last-place rider, the “lantern rouge”.

This month’s offering was an exceptional espresso blend with a fruit forward, bright blend of Colombian and Brazilian beans working together that pulls a great shot of espresso and is equally as tasty as a brewed cup. Red Lantern’s preferred parameters for a double espresso is 17.5 grams (ground) of espresso and 40 grams of espresso (liquid) in 30 seconds. 

Secret Sip Coffee Club is thrilled to have partnered with Red Lantern Coffee Co. to bring you this month’s secret roast, and what we believe to be, one of Canada’s best coffees. To learn more about Red Lantern Coffee Co., check out their killer site below:



Location: Kingsville, Ontario

Adam Frye