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A CAREFULLY CURATED Micro Roast Delivered To Your Door From A Secret Roaster Every Month

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How It Works

Want in on the monthly pursuit of the rarest, freshest and most unique coffee in North America?  Every month, Secret Sip members receive an exclusive, freshly roasted small batch coffee selected by our experts from a different province or state. 



Step One

Choose whether you want an exclusive, secret, and freshly roasted small batch coffee selected by our experts from 150+ coffees delivered once every month for a year, six months, or four months.


Step Two

Sit back, relax, and prepare your palette for a secret roast delivered to your door from an elite, handpicked micro roaster from potentially anywhere in Canada... and we mean anywhere.


Step Three

Never have sub-par coffee at home again. Join our community of members enjoying the freshest, most unique coffee Canadian micro roasters have to offer, shipped to your doorstep.




our past roasters

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